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Opt for Digital Printing in Calgary When You Need Efficiency

You don't always have the luxury of a long planning, design and execution period when you need something printed. When you have a trade show coming up, announcements to get in the mail or an event to advertise, you need efficiency.

Choose digital printing. In Calgary, residents and business owners trust CalWest Printing & Reproductions for their digital printing needs.

Choose Digital Printing
Digital printing creates crisp, clear images. Better yet, it works quickly. When you have a long-term project, offset printing may represent your best option. But in the following situations, we recommend digital printing instead:

  • You aren't sure if what you're printing represents a final draft. With digital printing you can change an image as easily as modifying a computer image. You can print single test images until it comes out just right.
  • You need a large number of prints, but each piece differs slightly. This includes creating personalized pamphlets for many employees or flyers for several different locations.
  • You need prints made quickly. In offset printing, technicians must use film plates to create each image. This can take time. Digital printing creates images straight from a personal computer file or thumb drive, saving you time.
  • You only need a few prints. This includes making paper name plates for new employees or place settings for a formal dinner.

Digital printing has many applications. If you aren't sure which print method best suits your project, consult with our experienced staff.

Choose CalWest
We've handled hundreds of print jobs for individuals, organizations and businesses since we opened in 1978. When you come to our location, you partner with experts in graphic design, composition, and digital printing. Our Calgary staff can help you decide on the best way to approach your print job.

Call us at 403-265-1720 for a consultation.

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