Archive Documents with Calgary-Based Microfilm Services

Microfilm, or micrographics, helps you preserve any important document in a micro format. Documents such as cheques, personnel files, blueprints and architectural drawings can be preserved on a piece of plastic just a couple inches large. Our microfilm services will help you free up valuable space and organize your drawings and plans into an easy-to-access library!

Microfilm has been deemed as a stable storage alternative. Unlike computer CDs, which are sensitive to temperature changes and prone to scratches, microfilm—if stored properly—has been rated to last 500 years, making this format ideal for archiving.

CalWest is one of the only companies in Calgary doing microfilming, so if you need to archive documents, come and see us today.

  • Accounting records
  • Maps
  • Personnel files
  • Cheques
  • Engineering drawings
  • Well logs
  • Well files

Microfilm Processing
  • 16mm roll film
  • 35mm roll film

Microfilm Duplicating
  • 16mm roll film
  • 35mm roll film
  • Microfiche
  • Silver film
  • Diazo film
  • Aperture cards

Microfilm Printing
  • 16mm roll film
  • 35mm roll film
  • Microfiche
  • Aperture cards
  • Blowbacks (8.5” x 11” to full size)
  • Well logs on microfiche
  • Seismic sections

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